Flexible features for sharing your message


Article downloads

Share session notes, industry reports, or whitepapers.


Session Related Content

End a session by providing additional content about related topics.

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Freestanding tap-to-download content, experiences, and lead capture.

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Item Collection

Streamline swag or T-Shirt collection with tap-and-go distribution.

Streamline information sharing

  • Bring people together during an event for the purpose of sharing ideas.
  • Achieve your event’s purpose with content sharing options across every interaction.
  • Tap-and-go content and downloadable files can be shared across SMS or email.
  • Support session topics, sponsors, and exhibitors, or impart specialist information with your audience in an instant.

Drive attendee engagement

  • Create more ways for customers to interact with event experiences.
  • Create activity on virtual event session pages with content to download and view.
  • Help attendees that are especially interested to reach out for additional information.
  • Surprise and delight attendees with gifts, swag, and offers at the tap of a Smart Badge.
Event Marketing Software

Understand customer needs

  • Every time an attendee accesses content Jomablue captures that interaction data.
  • Identify highly engaged attendees that access additional content.
  • Customers are segmented by the topic of their content download choices.
  • Begin sales team follow-up with those most likely to convert.
  • Plan marketing campaigns around content choices.


What is Item Collection?

When an attendee comes to collect a gift or swag they tap their Jomablue Smart Badge. This process ‘counts’ the item as collected and ensures no-one has collected more than one. Volunteer T-Shirts can be issued the same way to provide a real-time list of who has and hasn’t received their uniform.

What is a Touchpoint?

This feature enables event organizers to send pre-loaded content to attendees via email or text message and supports tap-to-download event experiences. Highly flexible in its use, Touchpoints can solve many content distribution challenges.

What is Attendee Engagement Scoring?

Attendee Engagement Scoring is a preset scale of activity, created prior to an event which attributes points to an attendee when they interact with event content. The outcome is a model that identifies attendees that were highly engaged in particular topics (or streams) of content.

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