Event Check-In and Badging

From workshops and networking lunches to summit conferences and  trade shows, Jomablue empowers event managers to deliver fast and simple arrival experiences for every type of event. Discover our range of scalable solutions and badging options for managing check-in at your next event.

Event Check-in and Badging

See our Check-in options in action!

Award-winning Check-in solution including smart badges!

See what makes Jomablue Event Check-in and Smart Badge the world’s fastest badge fulfilment solution.

Our multi-award-winning Event Check-in solution helps organisers create arrival experiences that are personal, seamless and efficient.

Enjoy the simple life - introducing Jomablue CX

Check out our latest feature release to support fast, flexible, simple event check-in for a range of event styles. 

Jomablue CX is our light-weight solution that takes the hassle out of setup for event managers, whilst delivering an incredible welcome experience for attendees.

Event check-in experience for every type of event

Choose from self-managed, contactless, and smart arrival solutions to suit different event styles.

  • Strive for simplicity with our contactless and self-managed options for workshops and networking events
  • Keep pre-event planning simple with on-demand name badges for single-track conferences – no more pre-printing!
  • Deliver a complete digital experience with our Smart Badge solution for multi-day summits and trade shows

Deliver an award-winning arrival experience

We provide the fastest badge-fulfilment solution in the world, all whilst ensuring every attendee’s arrival is a personalised one.

  • Say goodbye to arrival queues with a lightning-fast check-in process
  • Make decisions for your event in real-time, equipped with live check-in insights on your phone, tablet and computer
  • Leverage customisable notification features to deliver tailored experiences for attendees

Event Check-In Options


Sometimes simplicity is best. For evening networking drinks, c-suite workshops, or maybe it's the office Christmas party - our Badgeless solution provides tap-and-go check-in without the hassle.

Name Label

Forget about pre-printing badges and post-event reconciliation. Focus on what matters and provide a seamless arrival experiences with on-demand printed stickers - great for single-track events.


Get the best of both worlds and leverage the power of Jomablue with our Kiosk partners. Manage pre-event Ticketing & Registration and provide onsite sponsors & exhibitors with Lead Capture.

Name Badge

Deliver the essentials with pre-event Ticketing & Registration, Event Check-in, and Lead Capture. Ideal for small-to-medium sized events with a single track and exhibitors.

Smart Badge

Enhance the entire attendee journey with our full suite of Jomablue features. Supported by Jomablue Professional Services pre-event and onsite, we'll help you to delight your attendees and capture rich insights across their journey.

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