Event Check-In

A streamlined and professional event arrival experience

Personalized experiences every step of the way

Jomablue’s Event Check-In uses responsive, mobile technology to provide a seamless and efficient arrival process. Innovative Jomablue Smart Badges make quick check-in a reality, so attendees can start exploring your event the moment they arrive.

 Streamline the arrival process and eliminate long lines

 Highly trained staff greet each arrival personally, by name

Create up to 24,000 personalized Jomablue Smart Badges per hour

Smart Badges are printed and ready as guests arrive at the collection pod

Quickly identify key customers with personalized Smart Badge and lanyard options

How it works

Present your e-Ticket

  • On arrival customers are greeted by friendly staff holding a mobile device, used to scan the e-Ticket they received during registration.
  • Staff greet each customer by name, as displayed on their e-Ticket.
  • This personalized welcome guides people through the arrival process ensuring a streamlined, professional experience.

Collect your Smart Badge

  • Arrivals are then passed to a collection pod located just a few steps away.
  • As they approach, staff once again greet attendees by name and pass them a coloured lanyard with their Smart Badge attached.
  • Badge and lanyard colour can be customized to reflect customer groups and easily identify key customers from a distance.

Keep on moving

  • Customers are greeted personally by name, not by long lines or check-in machines.
  • Each step of the check-in process takes just moments, allowing attendees to walk directly into the event, while receiving personalized, seamless service every step of the way.

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