As more customers come to Jomablue looking for an end-to-end event marketing solution they enjoy the benefits of our largest feature release of 2018. This month has a heavy focus on delivering more control to our customers, to setup and manage all as aspects of ticketing and paid registration.


  • Sell event tickets at discounted rates using our new flexible coupon functionality.
  • Create coupons to offer discounts based on percentage off or fixed value
  • Apply coupons in specific stores
  • Control when coupons are available based on date/time
  • Limit the  discounted tickets available using coupon usage limits
  • Manage sales and other team members sales targets using marketing campaign tracking parameters
  • Create exclusive Add-on offers for people to enable upsell opportunities
  • Easily cancel EFT orders for customers change of mind
  • Easily see if any event support requests are open and require action
  • Introduced a progress meter to communicate clear purchasing steps to users
  • Add and configure Payment Methods, including Braintree Gateways and Invoice configuration
  • Manage Admissions and their associated event categories
  • Configure Integrations with FrontApp and Google Analytics
  • Set the look and feel of the Registration Activation pages
  • Customise the Registration Confirmation message
  • Configure Stores and the products that are on sale in the stores
  • Improved support for Salesforce LeadorContactID’s for records
  • Users can now control when the store is accessible to the general public, and revoke access to the store at any time.