As with most tech developments, the mobile app landscape changes quickly.

When Apple (followed by Google) announced it would no longer permit template/single-use apps through its App Store, it left many in the event management sphere in the lurch. Established practice was to become obsolete. Providers and event managers were left scrambling for solutions.

But that’s not bad news for Jomablue. We’ve leveraged advancements in browser technology to deliver premium insight and data integration that can save time, money and worry for event managers and attendees alike.

Our re-imagined event app sets a new standard offering all the features you and your attendees have come to expect, plus a few new tricks for example, adding much talked about facial recognition technology for identity validation at log in. Our goal is to continue to set new standards by using cutting edge technology to the benefit of our customers — at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s take a closer look at what that means.

Audiences expect event apps

Event apps allow you to provide the most up-to-date information — and take some of the pressure off the event team — by updating it across platforms with a single click. Have you ever tried to manage shifting event schedules by printing and reprinting information? It’s an unsustainable way to keep up, both for your team and the environment.

But we don’t think convenience should stop there, so we’ve made things easier for your attendees too. By adopting the latest web browser technology and pairing it with our existing event intelligence solution, then adding facial recognition technology, we’re pushing the event app landscape forward.

New progressive web applications (PWA’s) eliminate bulky downloads while allowing up-to-the-minute schedules, maps, exhibitor information, speaker bios and more. With this approach there’s no more worrying about whether your app will get approved or if it will work for all devices or browser types. Your fully branded event app just does.

A recent study notes that nearly half of attendees use event apps. And 37% stated that mobile app crashes or errors make them think less of a brand. Eliminating the app and moving to a PWA ensures this isn’t an issue you will face. 

By analyzing millions of user-app interaction over several years we’ve included only the features we know your customers want and use, all with the reliability you’ve come to expect from Jomablue.

Event managers need event apps

We think the future has a stronger focus on immediate access to relevant and more personalized information for attendees. That means immediate session creation, app access, ability to update, data collection, data sharing and data analysis. Technology used at its best means not having to wait.

That’s why we’ve created intuitive real-time technology that gives event managers the power to transform event experiences into sales and marketing insights in a snap — no costly development fees or time-consuming coding required. If you have your content ready you can launch your event app within an hour, regardless of event size or type.

Last minute changes to schedule times, room locations and session information are a reality of any event. You can easily update this information in Jomablue and changes are instantly be reflected everywhere, saving time and eliminating potential confusion.

When attendees use your app they leave a valuable trail of insights. In fact, attendees perform an average of 34 engagements within event apps. By monitoring activity before, during and after your event you gain a depth of marketing insight that goes far beyond the event itself. Those insights are automatically integrated within Jomablue’s existing platform.

Jomablue sets a new standard in event app technology

As more audiences come to expect innovative technology as standard practice, it’s up to event managers to keep pace. We know the cost and effort to get an event up and running is substantial and that’s why we want our event app to be as easy and data-driven as possible. With Jomablue, you can expect to:

  • Reduce the costs of creating and managing an event app, regardless of event size
  • Simplify and quicken the go-to-market process (decide now and be live in an hour)
  • Increased focus on tested features that attendees actually use
  • Access the latest tools, such as facial recognition integration
  • Gain a robust digital footprint with attendees before, during and after the event
  • See richer analytics and find more engagement scoring opportunities

If you’re ready to create a truly integrated digital experience at your next event, contact Jomablue to learn more, or sign up for a demo.


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