Engagement scores came under scrutiny during March and we asked ourselves ‘how can we make this faster, easier and more valuable to our customers’. We improved reporting, configured engagement scoring based on customer interactions and improved post-event data. We also made additional refinements increase data security. Keep reading for more information.


  • Ability to configure engagement scoring for interactions from within the portal
  • Ability to export an attendee engagement score report
  • Improved post-event consumption of event data by maintaining CRM campaign codes across Sessions and Exhibitors
  • Improved person export efficiency by 400%
  • Ability to make quick adjustments to session start/end times and buffer times from within the gridview
  • Added sort order functionality for sessions based on name, location, date/time
  • Allow portal users to manage paid registration support requests via the portal
  • Improved security when exporting vendor leads by preventing reuse of export link once opened
  • Improved security when downloading files from the portal by reducing download link validity after use
  • Improved security for Jomablue and App login requests by setting a rate limit for SMS sends
  • Improved portal security through better handling of auto-logout time of inactive users