Over the Christmas break Jomablue have been busily enhancing our event app portal. The goal of these functional updates is to more quickly and easily update data, better communicate with customers and improve insights from on-site event activities. See below for details on the specific improvements, we are excited to bring you this month.


  • Admin users have the ability to view an order summary, detailing cost and key information about an order
  • Admin users have the ability to click to view further details about an order
  • Admin users can view person(s) linked to an order and from a person to a linked order
  • Further enhanced bulk import data validations (line breaks, carriage returns, spaces in emails)
  • Admin users can publish/unpublish event locations so as to hide them from appearing on the App
  • Admin users can create and manage surveys within the portal
  • Admin users have the ability to export survey results from the portal
  • Admin users have the ability to send ‘Test’ e-ticket campaigns for approval
  • Display an attendee’s journey at an event by displaying interactions they have
  • Improved portal login security through addition of lockout and logging functionality
  • Improved portal view of session agenda by including ‘grid view’ option
  • Display within a person’s record whether they are a user (logged in) of the App
  • Ability to add a person’s photo to their record within portal
  • Improved data security through new profile restrictions for financial reporting