At Jomablue security is the bedrock of every choice we make and our most exciting release this month is two-factor authentication for users logging into our event app. Accompanied by some process improvements around data importing and reporting, we work with cutting-edge technology and provide the best customer experience possible. Keep reading for a full list of new features and releases this month.


  • Improved the email template preview in vendor portal for Firefox users
  • Easier import of vendor data by allowing specific vendor domain names to be used
  • Order logs are displayed to provide greater insights into customer transactions
  • Admin users have the ability to add a Purchase Order Number when manually generating an ETA order from the portal
  • Implement a double-step confirmation when cancelling an order
  • Improved data protection by requiring 2 Factor Authentication for user login
  • Improved validation of mobile phone numbers
  • Improved readability of attendee record fields by removing placeholder names
  • Ability to offer additional products to people who have already paid and registered for an event
  • Resolved issue of incorrect registration time for an attendee displaying when linking between multiple events (i.e. roadshows)
  • Improved report exports by removing unnecessary characters from column headings
  • Allow door staff to permit entry to attendees not registered for a restricted session using the override function
  • Allow exhibitors to see number of leads captured and other insights directly on their device
  • Auto-save of notes/tags enabled on lead capture devices when tapping an attendee’s Smart Badge