Self-managed app creation

Events apps have grown to be the single most powerful communication tool for any successful event. Containing everything attendees need to know, apps are a vital tool for informing and communicating with attendees as well as driving value for their overall user experience. No longer seen as a value-add, 91% of event planners believe Event Apps are relevant for their events and 78% are planning to use them. It is therefore more important than ever that Event Apps look amazing, communicate effectively, and add value to attendees experience.

Jomablue Event App already utilizes advanced technology to enhance the experience for event organizers and attendees. Now with enhanced design capability, the Event App can be entirely self-managed by event producers unlocking their potential to create and launch an app in as little as one hour.

Launch your Jomablue Mobile Event App 

First, gather your event content:

  • Event App creative – header images and icon
  • A complete agenda – locations, session names and descriptions
  • Speaker details – headshots and bios
  • Vendor (sponsors and exhibitor) details –  name, logo, and description
  • Additional information for custom pages (more on that below)

Jomablue guides users through the process to publish Agendas as well as showcase Speakers, Sessions, and Vendors. Advanced design tools enable users to upload header images, define font styles, colours, sizes and more with no requirement for HML. Page templates are optimized for usability, so you know they’ll look great. Then, once the design is complete, you can review how each page will look as you go.

Once your event information is complete, publish your content and the Event App is ready to use straight away. Share the event app URL with your audience to enable users to  access your event information immediately with  no need to download the app from an app store.

Need to make changes? No problem. Event App content can be added or edited right up until event day. Because it’s completely self-managed it is quick and easy to log into Jomablue and update any information you need to. Changes are immediately displayed in the Event App.

Design Custom Pages in the Event App

The Event App has a number of built-in pages including Agendas, Speakers, Sessions, and Vendors. Any other event information you wish to share can easily be created as a custom page. Thanks to the advanced editing feature, it is quick and easy to create pages that share valuable, event-specific information with attendees.

Examples of frequently used custom pages are:

  • Parking and transport details
  • Venue maps 
  • FAQs
  • CPD accreditation details
  • Social events that don’t require registration (e.g. after party)
  • Related content or background reading relevant to the event
  • Catering
  • Social media information, e.g. event social pages and hashtags
  • WiFi details

For more information about this cutting-edge app technology contact the Jomablue Team.