Enhanced email marketing and SMS

Event management is a lot of fun. Every event has many moving parts and it is so satisfying when it all comes together. Event administration however, isn’t always easy. Especially when business tools (CRM, email builders, and insight tools), are optimized for the overall business, not necessarily event teams. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated Event Management tool, especially created to make event administration and communication easy, without having to use multiple providers and patch together what you need to create a successful event?

A complete event management and communication solution 

Already a valuable tool for event managers, with new enhancements to its marketing features Jomablue is transformed into a complete event management and communication solution. Event organizers are empowered with the ability to create fully branded, professional, customizable emails, able to upload images, control fonts, font styles and colours, include links, and section breaks with no required knowledge of HTML. Promote your keynote session, announce speakers, and provide additional event content to build anticipation leading up to event day. Then, support email campaigns with SMS alerts, all triggered from the same platform.

Additionally, organizers can use event specific data stored in Jomablue to segment email communications for different attendee categories. Schedule email campaigns to Speakers, Vendors, Staff, and Attendees. All your communication creative and audience data is saved in the same place. No need for cumbersome CSV file reports or uploads, and no need to update Attendees or Vendor information in multiple locations.

Add this capability to existing features, such as Registration, Event App creation, Event Check-in, Session Attendance Management, Survey features, and Insight reporting, and organizers can say goodbye to multiple platforms, not optimally designed for what they need to achieve. Jomablue is a single event management solution that quickly and easily empowers event organizers with the tools they need, at every step, to more easily create successful events.

Email marketing and SMS alerts

Create customized emails from user-friendly templates or choose complete creative control and create emails from scratch.  Included are all the features you expect from an email tool, including full support for custom field merge tags, fallback text, and large email sends. The new advanced email feature enhances Jomablue’s existing transactional messaging around invoicing, registration activation, and e-Ticketing.

Some tips for making the most of Jomablue’s communication tools:

For Attendees:

  • Send email reminders for outstanding invoices.
  • Issue e-tickets.
  • Launch your keynote speaker, share messages about social activity, launch your event app, or encourage networking during events.
  • Promote your sponsors.
  • Send SMS alerts to draw attention to key releases.

For Speakers

  • Send professional, branded emails, confirming their participation at the event.
  • Issue e-tickets.
  • Share the full event agenda.
  • Email details about the event, for example venue and session locations, arrival information, and catering arrangements.
  • SMS Speakers post-event to thank them for their involvement.

For Vendors:

  • Send emails with embedded links to Vendor forms.
  • Issue e-tickets for Vendor entry.
  • Share Lead Capture Device information and links to purchase.
  • Send FAQs specific to Vendors.
  • SMS Vendors reminding them to return their lead capture device at the end of the show.

For Staff:

  • Issue e-tickets.
  • Share Agendas and Session details, specific to staff.
  • Send event FAQs specific to staff. For example catering information, networking tips or expectations around Session attendance.

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