Jomablue’s final product releases for 2018 focused on three main areas. The newly released coupon functionality received some improvement and helpful support features. Paid registration was further refined, with enhancements to the ticket purchase experience. Self-managed Item and Item Group creation also promises to save time for event organizers who choose to issue event merchandise. The Jomablue product team works tirelessly to create an industry leading product that supports event organizers and their guests, with the most streamlined, personalized and easy-to-use solution possible.


  • Product Coupon improvements
  • Include discount codes with support to 4 decimal places for more accurate rounding of tax inclusive pricing
  • A new Coupon Summary view inside the portal
  • Major improvements to paid registration usability
  • When a store visitor is managing their order, they will now clearly see which products in their order are cancelled
  • Introduced the ability to pay for pending orders via credit card or manual payment
  • A store visitor can now checkout of a store with “Pay by Invoice” functionality
  • Improved Invoice layout
  • Company Name and Job Title a required field during a ticket purchase
  • Ability to search for orders by Company Name
  • Added additional support for legacy Internet Explorer users to use ticketing and paid registration features
  • Additional support text added in Session Creation grid, to assist with troubleshooting
  • Self-managed creation and assigning ‘Items’ to ‘Item Groups’ – for example T-shirt size or Swag bag required