Release summary – July 2021

  • Jomablue is committed to supporting our customers with flexible features at the frontier of event experiences. We launched some great new features last month and believe they could make a tangible difference to your event activity.

Photo booths for virtual events

  • You can now include fun photo booths and image galleries to the online spaces built on Jomablue’s event platform. Attendees can upload a pic and add silly stickers or colourful frames and backgrounds.

Release notes – June 2021

  • Check out these incredible new features from Jomablue. With industry-leading features like Photo Booth, page design tools, and our in-house design studio, discover the future of event experiences here.

5 ways event data will help reach marketing goals

  • Have you ever considered that live and virtual events could be your best source of marketing data? Discover 5 ways event data will help reach marketing goals through customer profiling, segmentation, and cleverly measuring buying cues during event activity.

Virtual Event Sponsor Value

  • Finding the right sponsors for an event can be critical to your commercial success, and negotiations often hinge on the relevance and impact of the benefits you offer. You need to deliver real value to make sponsorships a significant source of income.

Release notes – March 2021

  • Jomablue is committed to creating virtual event experiences that captivate audiences and provide tangible value for organizers. Take a look at the latest features, improvements, and changes to the platform included in our latest release.

Virtual Event Interaction

  • Which feature should you use when? Jomablue helps remove limitations on how event organizers can interact with virtual audiences. In fact, you’ll benefit from a wide variety of interaction tools when you use Jomablue Community to plan and deliver virtual or hybrid events.

Release notes – February 2021

  • Jomablue strives to set the standard in platform flexibility and user experience across virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Below are the details from our latest release as we consistently evolve as a virtual event leader. Discover new features, integrations, and updates to Jomablue.


Hybrid event management – tips from our experts

  • The shape of events may have changed forever. Our chameleon-like industry has adapted to a global pandemic by embracing virtual experiences, and is now exploring new, digitally-enabled safety measures as we eye a return to in-person events.
    Given the critical role of technology in helping event organizers adjust to change—plus the ubiquitous nature of technology in people’s daily life—it’s likely that hybrid events that combine face-to-face and online interactions will continue to expand.But what makes for a truly successful hybrid experience? 

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