Why event professionals are choosing Jomablue Simulated Live

  • Upload pre-recorded video content and schedule it to stream from Jomablue as though it is live.

Event Live Streaming

  • Seamlessly share live event experiences with your virtual audiences using Jomablue’s purpose-built live stream solution.

Release Summary – February 2022

  • We have released a raft of new features this month that will change the face of virtual experiences for event organizers and AV teams.

Why use templates for virtual event websites?

  • Canvas page templates in Jomablue help event organizers capture a great layout and apply it over and over again to quickly build virtual spaces

Release Summary – January 2022

  • Start 2022 with the help of page design templates, experience ratings, and much more.

Introducing Experience Ratings.

  • As you build virtual event pages Jomablue reviews the required settings and provides tips and tricks to ensure the best viewer experience.

Event Email Marketing

  • Make event marketing quicker, easier, and more effective using Jomablue’s email campaign tools that have been crafted to support event organizers’ needs.

Simple Sign Up for free events

  • Jomablue Sign Up is a simple registration feature designed to support free event attendees to get to the action faster supported by one smooth process.

Release summary – November 2021

event management software
  • Discover the latest features included in the November release! Enhance event delivery with email campaign reporting, simple Sign Up, interaction reporting for live stream, and much more.

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