Create impact during virtual experiences

  • Jomablue Community creates highly impressive experiences for attendees of virtual events while continuing to capture the event intelligence for which Jomablue is known. Businesses can bring their community together by hosting virtual events while large scale business events aren’t possible. Once COVID restrictions end, online event content can reach both in-person and remote audiences with hybrid events hosted in Community.

What is a Progressive Web App?

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are driving down costs and transforming the way organizations build and deliver apps to such an extent that they have changed how we define what an app is. Previously users would have to download an app from the Apple App or Google Play stores and store it on their mobile device. PWAs, however, utilize advancements in browser-based technology to present the same experience and valuable information while removing this significant barrier to use.

Matt Hnatojko explains what engagement means in the context of virtual events

  • We spoke with Jomablue’s Chief Technology Officer Matt Hnatojko to get some clarity about what engagement means in a virtual context and the best way to define and measure it. A key aspect of Matt’s leadership role at Jomablue is to understand customer’s goals and use that information to drive product strategy.

Enable face-to-face discussions online with Video Tables

  • Now you can use the Jomablue platform to deliver small group activities or private conversations within a virtual setting, such as workshops, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, networking activities, and sales/introductory meetings.

Create wow moments in Jomablue Community

  • Now that many experiences are happening online, event creators are adding sophisticated digital design to the event mix. If running events sit at the core of your marketing or operations, you’ll need tools that allow you to create a rich, virtual user experience with multi-layered elements that capture attention, surprise, and delight attendees.

Why page design is vital for connection during virtual events

  • One of the biggest frustrations for event organizers looking to pivot to online events is being able to match the engagement levels of live, in-person activity. How can you deliver the same vibrancy in a virtual context? After all, event organizers have always used physical space for branding, to cultivate ambiance and facilitate intimacy and involvement.

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