Release Summary – January 2022

  • Start 2022 with the help of page design templates, experience ratings and much more.

Introducing Canvas Experience Ratings

  • Jomablue Experience Ratings review content uploaded to Jomablue virtual event pages and if needed provide tips to optimize the presentation of that content. 

Jomablue email marketing.

  • Make event marketing quicker, easier, and more effective using Jomablue’s email campaign tools that have been crafted to support event organizers’ needs.

Simple Sign Up for free events

  • Jomablue Sign Up is a simple registration feature designed to support free event attendees to get to the action faster supported by one smooth process.

Release summary – November 2021

  • Discover the latest features included in the November release! Enhance event delivery with email campaign reporting, simple Sign Up, interaction reporting for live stream, and much more.

We have deleted our servers to get ready for massive events!

  • New Jomablue serverless architecture model powers events at a massive scale with ease.

How do you transition back to in-person events?

  • Can you feel it? That pent-up demand for live, in-person experiences? Discover why you must master hybrid events to prepare for a safe return to in-person.

Tune into Mental Health Month 2021

  • The World Health Organisation has listed mental health as a key component of overall health & wellbeing. What can you do in the workplace to support mental health?

A dash of automation magic

  • Customer experience is shaped by the timing and relevance of interactions. Automation helps you boost CX for event attendees by enabling marketing personalization, at scale. 

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