Does being asked to “ensure we have information about exactly who attended our sessions and workshops” fill you with dread? We understand that the reality of tight agenda requirements, consecutive session tracks at the same location and attendees rushing from place to place (or not leaving at all) makes capturing quality session attendance data harder than it sounds. Do you wonder what the consequences of incorrect data could be? Miss allocated CPD/E credits? Worry about irrelevant follow-up communications? Unhappy customers? Poor event satisfaction scores?

Jomablue are here to help, offering event organizers the tools you need. The result? Best practice session data and peace of mind, knowing your event has maximized every data collection opportunity. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Jomablue Session Attendance Management

By tapping an attendee’s Smart Badge when they enter or exit each session, event organizers gain valuable data about the topics of interest to an attendee, or how many CPD/E credits they have earned. There’s no more need for paper based registration lists that create queues at the entrance of every session room. Now, attendees can walk directly into their chosen session: no waiting and instant access to data about who attended and who didn’t.

For many organizers, this is transformative. Verifiable data showing how many people attended each session and exactly who they were gives visibility that was never possible before. Organizers can run more sessions, more smoothly, that are better able to meet the needs of their customers.

However, sometimes session tracks run concurrently in the same location meaning attendees don’t need or want to check-out. And sometimes tight scheduling means people are still leaving back-to-back sessions as the next one begins. In such instances, it can be unclear which session they are leaving. When data needs to be pure, because post-event campaigns, targeted survey questions or CPD/E credit allocation depend on it, organizers need a little extra support.

Jomablue Inferred Session Attendance feature

Inferred Session Attendance uses Check-in and Check-out data to intuitively report which sessions a person attended, where no intervening data is found. This means an attendee can check into a session room at the start of the day and stay there for as many sessions as they like, checking out at a much later time. Inferred Sessions will report which sessions were held while they were in that location, eliminating the requirement to tap their Jomablue Smart Badge before and after each one. The benefit? Organizers don’t need to hassle attendees to tap their Smart Badge between sessions but still receive accurate information about the sessions that person attended.

Tips for best practice session data collection 

  • Allow a 10 minute change over time between sessions.

Door staff can check everyone out of the room before changing their devices over to the next session. This leaves enough time to check everyone in before the next one begins.

  • Dedicated staff to either Session Check-in or Session Check-out.

Check-in staff can begin to tap people as they enter a new session, while the Check-out team can focus on those leaving the earlier one. Once they see everyone has left, Check-out staff can change their device over to the new session. Some ropes at the door will filter people to enter on one side and exit on the other, making it easy to ensure everyone has their badge tapped correctly.

  • Allocate different devices for Session Check-in and Session Check-out.

For smaller sessions one member of staff could feasibly Check-out and Check-in at the same time. The device in their left hand checks people out, the device in their right hand checks people in.

  • Enjoy peace-of-mind and clean data

Inferred Session Attendance offers tangible benefits for event organizers who manage back-to-back sessions of similar streams. With the help of these best practice guidelines attendees enjoy a better experience and organizers can relax, trusting they are capturing the purest data possible.

Contact the Jomablue team to find out if Inferred Session Attendance is the data solution you have been searching for.