Optimized across 100 large and small events

Every year, Australia Water Association runs more than 100 events around the country, from technical seminars and state conferences, to Ozwater, the annual national conference. Since 2015 AWA has worked with Jomablue to offer efficient, personalized event registration, create better attendee experiences, and reduce team workloads during Ozwater. Discover the story behind why, this year, they moved to integrate Jomablue registration across all 100 events held annually.

1) Operational efficiency

AWA use Jomablue at Ozwater to personalize the onsite experience and gain valuable information on how delegates engage with the event. However, while AWA found success using Jomablue to help manage their onsite experience, they needed a more effective registration solution for the other events they hold throughout the year. Specifically, working off two different registration systems, depending on the size of the event, presented significant operational inefficiencies. After a six month review AWA settle on Jomablue Registration for their full portfolio of events, supported by Jomablue Event Check-in and Jomablue Event Kit for managing onsite arrival.

2) Streamlined event management processes

Utilizing a single solution across Registration and Check-in enables automation, not possible when working off different systems. For example attendees register online, are automatically sent an e-Ticket, which gets scanned on arrival to an event, and all this behaviour is instantly reported in AWA’s event insights. Everything comes from a single location, no more CSV file downloads to move between systems and best of all, no more pre-printed paper name badges.

Making the most of every feature, AWA also utilize customer chat support to manage registration enquiries. With the phones quiet and queries managed in a more streamlined manner, the event team has more capacity to focus on other areas of the attendee experience.

Event arrival is transformed for every event with the help of Jomablue Event Check-in for Ozwater, and now Jomablue Event Kit for regional conferences and seminars. The cutting edge event technology streamlines arrival, where guests check in takes just 3 seconds and can be rolled out for every event, big or small. “With Jomablue Event Kit, we can give our members the premium experience they have at Ozwater but now at a local level,” says Kirst Bades, AWA National Event Manager.

3) Technological innovation

It’s no exaggeration to say that AWA’s members are responsible for the health and safety of millions of Australians. That’s why, Blades says, AWA promotes “the need to be innovative, the need to use transformative technology, the need to be disruptive, the need to adapt, and the need to be agile among its membership.” It’s also why Blades appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate that AWA’s event management does not lag behind in technology innovation. 

“I’m always conscious that we practice what we preach to our members,” says Blades, “That’s why using Jomablue event intelligence is a no-brainer for us.”

Read AWA’s customer success story here, or for more information about this leading technology, contact the Jomablue Team.