During August the product team made two major releases stretching across all areas of Jomablue. The new Email Marketing feature underwent a number of enhancements, as well as improvements to financial administration and reporting for paid registration. Months of analysis has culminated in some exciting changes to the Live Analytics Dashboard, users can continue to enjoy real-time reporting on event activity more quickly and more dynamically.


Event Marketing Triggers:

Event organizers have the option to share event information, triggered when a person arrives. Once a badge is printed an attendee might receive a text message containing a link to the Mobile Event App, or welcoming them to the event.


Session Check-in assumptions:

Session Attendance Management gives event organizers visibility into how attendees engage with event content by collecting data about which Sessions they attend. Previously if a customer stayed in the same break-out room for multiple Sessions (and therefore long durations), check-in staff would sweep the room, tapping the badges of those remaining. This is important so that organizers have a view of how many people attended, and exactly who engaged with the Session content. Now however, Jomablue has the intelligence to assume if a person doesn’t Check-out of a Session that they stayed for the next scheduled Session, removing the need to double tap their Smart Badge.

Email Marketing segmentation:

Email campaigns sent from Jomablue can be segmented into customer category (Vendor, Staff, Attendee, Speaker), and now also if they have or have not Checked into the event. This powers targeted communication to those who register, but don’t attend and are therefore on a different event journey.


Sites vs Stores:

Jomablue recently changed the name of the location customers place orders in the portal from Stores, to Sites. Sites refer to webpage (websites) and is more in line with the way event organizers talk about event webpages, making the portal more intuitive to use. This month the team rolled this change across all portal touchpoints. This will improve the experience for new users but existing users need to look out for this change.

Event Dashboard view:

Accessed from a unique URL the Jomablue event dashboard has undergone a reinvention. Most of this change has taken place in the backend. However for event organizers it means a standardized dashboard view that displays key event metrics such as Event Check-in, Session Check-in, and Lead Capture results. More efficient than ever, the dashboard updates every 10 seconds (previously 60 seconds) and allows more dynamic reporting structures.

Product counter:

Jomablue supports group bookings, that later are activated by individual attendees. One impact of this is complicated group bookings, created by support staff. A new product counter assists user to double check the accuracy of their orders.

Invoice terms:

Financial reports show invoices by the date they were created and are automatically displayed oldest to newest, enabling finance teams to more effectively bring in outstanding amounts owed.

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