We believe that technology empowers companies to deliver more engaging and personalized events. So, Jomablue is excited to announce API is now available, allowing our customers to automatically import event data directly into their CRM. Other releases include improved financial reporting and automated reporting to include custom fields. A full list of releases is below.


  • Ability to retrieve session interaction data through the Jomablue API
  • Streamlined the update process across customer instances for faster customer feature releases
  • Added an ‘Awaiting Payment/EFT’ widget to the Orders page to provide visibility over total outstanding payments when using registration
  • Ability for finance users to view pending payments within the Orders page
  • Ability to apply custom filters and generate reports for people records
  • Ability to customise configuration and include profiling questions for people reports
  • Ability to export a CSV of custom filtered lists of people
  • Ability for users to manage e-ticket campaigns and schedule registration reminder communication to attendees
  • Ability for admin users to configure event registration and ticket products inside Jomablue