Making things faster, more secure, and easier for users

April 2020 brings a new working environment for the events industry, a pause on live event execution for a while, and a major release to the Jomablue platform that is, of course, the culmination of months of work from the developers. A summary of the new functionality is below. For additional information on any of these or the other Jomablue features please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

JOMABLUE LITE V2 – operational from iPhones. Operational off-line

Jomablue Lite is an add-on app feature providing a fast solution to welcome guests to anything from a small workshop or breakfast, to larger scale events.

Jomablue Lite V1 was an iPad App. In the latest release we launch Jomablue Lite V2 that can run badgeless check-in from an iPad or iPhone giving users the choice of technology they wish to use. Budget conscious events can use their personal devices or organizers can hire either iPads or iPhones especially for event check-in.

Additionally,  Jomablue Lite V2 is fully operational in an off-line environment. Check-in can continue seamlessly even if venue connectivity momentarily drops. The app automatically defaults to off-line first. Users simply connect, login and select the event from the menu. Once configuration is complete, if needed, the rest of check-in can continue to run off-line.

Also in this release is enhanced security measures for data held in Jomablue Lite V2. After 15 minutes of inactivity the platfrom will time-out, locking access and safeguarding the data. Set a pin code when you log in for the first time to allow the device to be reactivated. Use the ‘I forgot’ option on the locked screen to log out the current user.

EXPLORE PEOPLE – new enhancements enable faster, deeper reporting

The ‘Explore People’ functionality within Jomablue is where event organizers access reports and insights about their attendees. This month’s release includes two new capabilities that will transform users ability to quickly report on the success measures that matter to them.

  1. Reporting with ‘and / or’ parameters

Event reporting can now create searches matching ‘and / or’ parameters. For example, an event organizer might want to know who attended the Keynote session and the VIP lunch. Alternatively, they might want to understand who attended the Keynote Session or the VIP lunch, which would generate a much larger search result.

Users can also apply several layers to their reporting. To understand attendees who registered online ‘or’ over the phone and attended the session on both digital marketing ‘and’ digital design the search criteria would use both the ‘and’ and the ‘or’ function. This search would return a small, highly targeted data set.

  1. Pre-set event reporting 

Event organizers can now pre-set and save reports in Jomablue. Returning to our example of the organizers who want to report on those who attended both the VIP lunch and Keynote session, they can now create and test the report prior to the event. This means at the completion of the event the reporting process simply requires the report to be run and data can be shared with waiting stakeholders right away.

These enhancements enable faster, more detailed reporting and power deeper understanding of attendee behaviour to support event ROI.

STRONG CUSTOMER AUTHENTICATION (SCA) – EU compliance requirements for online stores

This month, Jomablue released it’s SCA compliance functionality that will future proof payment against regulatory compliance in countries world wide. 

By December 2020 all online payments from Europe (including the UK) need to have implemented new authentication processes that significantly increase payment security. This impacts event ticket sales outside of the EU as well. If anyone purchases from an online store and uses a EU credit card then SCA compliance will apply.

When the payment gateway linked to Jomablue’s paid registration features deems it necessary, an extra step of customer authentication occurs to meet SCA requirements. If needed, this step appears as a pop-up and asks for a second verification method. If a transaction is made with a card from outside of the EU, no pop-up will appear. What the questions are and what level of authentication is required is determined by the bank via the payment gateway, not by Jomablue. There is however, the functionality to ask those questions when needed. For more information read this article detailing SCA compliance.

For more information about any of these or the other Jomablue features contact the team.