April saw the product team create a range of new product enhancements, focusing particularly on the Event App. Updates are listed below and designed to support Jomablue administrators with a streamlined experience.

Focus was also put on the development of Jomablue User Guides, written by our product experts to support Jomablue users to easily complete their daily tasks.

Jomablue updates:

  • Event App Pages now display for all user roles (previously finance users couldn’t access them).
  • Paid Registration fields now wrap text entered into the config > products tab. This is to better support long product names.
  • The ‘Item entitlement’ columns in Person Export were not considering the Order or Ordered Item status when generating a CSV report. This resulted in the People Export report overstating counts, by including Items that were part of an Order that had been cancelled or part-cancelled.
  • Calendar of Events now has an “Open Event” button to more quickly show users how to access their event details.
  • Calendar of Events title is now bold.

Event App specific updates:

  • You can now click on a Speaker to navigate to the Speaker detail page.
  • Vendor description HTML will now be omitted from the ‘Vendor List’ view.
  • Users now see a friendly message if their Feed is empty.
  • Session Traits now appear above Location in the Session Filter in Jomablue. This is a feature improvement, to support administrators quickly navigate the Session pages.
  • Long Trait details now wrap to multiple lines (2 lines max). Row shading has been added to visually group Trait descriptions.
  • Session names now wrap long lines of text.
  • A default icon will appear, if a user does not load a profile picture.
  • Calendar of Events is now ordered by Start Date.
  • Organisation Settings have been added to Jomablue, enabling users to configure event app icons, company descriptions and more.

To find out more about any of these new features and releases, contact the Jomablue Team.