About us

Jomablue’s Story

At Jomablue, we believe that technology has the power to transform event experiences for event organizers and attendees. Used to its fullest potential, technology can also bring people together to create more engaging and more personalized event experiences.

So often, event technology acts as a barrier between organizers and attendees. At Jomablue, however, our award- winning Check-in experience facilitates human interaction, enabling each guest to be greeted personally, by name. And that is just the beginning.

Live events are the perfect place to learn about the people who are important to your business. Jomablue enables you to capture that valuable event intelligence. Jomablue’s mission is to partner with your business to understand what success looks like for you, then utilize our unique event intelligence to fulfill those objectives. Our goal is to transform event experiences into measurable return on investment, whatever your goals may be.

Since 2001, we have worked alongside hundreds of clients in Australia and overseas as the leader in event intelligence.