Jomablue Community

The event app alternative that brings people together

Present a digital attendee experience

Share real-time event information with event attendees before, during and after an event.

Present comprehensive event information on any device

Built-in Intelligent Networking enhances an attendees experience

➤ Comprehensive virtual event experiences support video, chat, and download content

Browser based technology removes the need for app store downloads

Scalable features to suit your event needs

Connect your event community

An event experience in your pocket

  • Share enticing event information will attendees prior to event day.
  • Showcase sessions, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Create vibrant experiences with custom pages that bring together multiple engagement tools.
  • Avoid delays caused by app store administration. Community pages are live the moment you need them.

Facitilate social experiences

  • Reach your event community regardless of their physical location.
  • Create call-outs that drive attendees to in-person networking and social events .
  • Connect attendees with meaningful networking suggestions based on event data.
  • Live chat and Q&A integrations facilitate attendee interactions with product experts or speakers.

Collect customer insights based on Community activity

  • Support event ROI with new success metrics and deeper understanding of customer interests.
  • Map content interactions to specific marketing campaigns, making them more targeted and effective.
  • Gather real-time feedback from session interactions inside Community.

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