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"Your technology is flawless and easy to use. Why isn't every event doing this?"

- Luke Walkipen

"It's refreshing to see a company that is so customer focused and delivering bleeding edge solutions."

- Sarah Townsend

XEROCON Melbourne 2015

Customer Success Story

1900+ attendees, Mission critical infrastructure, Broad reach engagement

“We are a technology company, a cloud company, and this means our technology has to work? That’s why we use Jomablue. We trust them completely. Our venue was essentially a tin shed at the Melbourne showgrounds. It had no infrastructure, so we made it hard for them! But we had complete confidence they could handle – and they did. We love working with Jomablue.”

Cara Weers

Event Manager at Xerocon 2015

Jomablue technology solutions:

Temporary internet & wifi

Installation of high-performance connectivity and temporary wifi to support presentations, exhibitors and attendees.

NFC Smart Badge enabled

Use of NFC (near field communication) enabled Smart Badges across the event to provide seamless data collection and engagement.

Data Driven Decisions

Real-time event analytics to help make better decisions over the course of the event.

2500+ attendees, Tailored event app, Innovative attendee interaction solutions

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your hard work and efforts towards Ozwater´15. It was great to work with such a friendly, intelligent and responsive team and it has been a breeze with you guys from the word GO.You were always willing to do whatever it took to make it a successful event. It was a pleasure working with you all onsite and I look forward to working with you again soon."

Amy English

Event Manager at the Australian Water Association

Jomablue technology solutions:

Behaviour driven profiling

Rich profiling information gathered about attendees based on their behaviour and engagement at the event.

Instant Exhibitor Content Delivery

Ability for exhibitors to deliver product information and content to attendees instantly.

Attendee networking

Support for new business relationships through the exchange of digital business cards.

Salesforce World Tour 2015

3300+ attendees, Skilled project management, Critical event infrastructure

"I wanted to send you a note to thank you all for your commitment, effort and professionalism over the past couple of months to get up to speed and deliver what was a wonderful event for Salesforce. We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and I know we couldn’t have done it without you."

- Bess Nolan-Cook

Executive Producer for the Salesforce World Tour

Jomablue technology solutions:

Technical Project Management

Skilled project managers worked alongside the event team as part of pre-production planning.

Temporary Internet connectivity

Installation of temporary internet connectivity infrastructure to support critical requirements


Installation of high-density wifi to support presentations, exhibitors and attendees.

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